April 2007

This morning I retrieved a batch of my fused glass from the kiln. I had been experimenting with some new designs, so I was excited to see how they had turned out. Before seeing them, I was a little nervous because sometimes these experiments don’t work out, and it’s sad to have to reject pieces. Most batches have at least a couple of duds (I fire 30-40 things at a time, little buttons and pendants). Anyway today I was quite pleased with how things turned out! Sneak preview photos:

This pile of shiny glass ‘donuts’ will soon be heading to one of my client stores in New Brunswick. They are kind of mesmerizing, I feel like one of those birds that hoards shiny objects … ! (Bower birds? Magpies?)

And here are a whole bunch of right whales I did. Sunrise, sunset, foggy days – all kinds of weather! They need to have bails attached. Once they are finished I will be posting better photos on my Vivero Glass blog… along with several other new designs including other sea creatures like leatherback turtles and seahorses!


I put my bike away for the winter on December 15th, and I got it out of storage yesterday. Now it is sitting idle for a couple more days as we endure another severe spring storm. This one is all about rain and wind, instead of the Easter snow. But the important thing is I have my wheels and my freedom back! Now it means when I go to do my volunteer work, I can get there in five minutes instead of planning an entire afternoon on two bus routes. It also means that I can head out of the city which will be great, after being stuck here pretty much all winter. I can be out of Halifax within minutes and cruising along somewhere by the ocean if I want. And most importantly, I can go visit Bill at his place (he lives in Annapolis Royal which is a couple of hours away). And maybe someday I’ll be able to go on a proper road trip again, if I can manage to get away from the store for long enough.

Here is an action photo of me on my bike … taken several years ago by Daniela. In Vermont, I believe. This is how life will be soon … yay!

Yesterday, with Bill’s help I replaced a gasket in the exhaust pipe before we headed back to the city with the bike. (Boyfriends are very helpful for such projects but I would like to point out that this very same repair was the first work I ever did on the bike, all by myself, back in about 2001, the first year I had it.) A nice sunny day had turned chilly by 5:30, the time we were out at Marty’s place to get the bike from his garage. It was a refreshing ride home and very enjoyable. The main thing about the first bike ride of the season is: Life is once again as it should be.

April 10th is Clark’s birthday, he will be turning 15. I think that makes him the equivalent of 76 people-years. He is still a handsome fellow. He is growing some warts and is a little more scruffy than he used to be, but otherwise he is as sweet and playful as ever.

That’s Ruby in the background. She likes to be close to Clark though he is generally less enthusiastic about it.

This is Clark’s “fetching kitty” pose.

This is what it looked like here in Halifax on the night before Easter:

And it didn’t stop for several more hours. On Easter we made a snow bunny … Look at me, I’m making rabbit ears. Quick thinking eh! Notice that this rabbit has skis and ski poles, it is a real snow bunny.  

On a random note, I found this treasure today at one of my favourite antique stores. I love percolated coffee. I also happen to find this coffee pot pleasing to look at. It’s almost entirely made from glass. The bowl for putting coffee grounds in it glass, with an aluminum lid and aluminum bottom. There is a glass tube in the middle that supports the bowl for the grounds. Can’t wait to perk some coffee in it … I’ve been over the Bodum phenomenon for some time now. This will also be useful if I want to make Newfoundland /Nova Scotia style tea, which is boiled, bags in, on the stove.

For my birthday a couple of months ago, my handsome and handy boyfriend bought me a little MP3 player so I could listen to music while I run. Because I have been learning to run. Nothing so fancy as an iPod, and I would have resisted that anyway because it’s too trendy. But it was a nice little device for listening to music files and radio – Sansa something or other, 1 GB. But after a couple of months the thing crapped out, and online research showed us that this has been a common occurrence with the device. Some bug that has now been fixed.

We took it back to Future Shop and they were very accommodating about an exchange … in fact I upgraded somewhat to a Creative Zen V Plus. It’s 2GB. I am in love with it. I had a superficial reaction at first because it is so pretty … shiny black and green. But it also has the kind of features I wanted without being too expensive. And as a bonus, you can put your own background photos in it, and it looks sooo nice with a little photo of my glass buttons.

Zen V Plus

Well this photo doesn’t do it justice!

Tonight I ‘ran’ home from work, which means I ran and walked. Trying to run for 10 minutes at a time with 1 minute walk breaks in between, but I am still taking a few more walk breaks than that. But I did the 4km route and ran for more than half of it, probably a total of 23 minutes. For me that’s a lot! And the new little music machine made it so much more fun (the previous device wasn’t so reliable sometimes). I had created a special “RUN” playlist and the music that really motivated me to run was the hard stuff like Nomeansno, so I decided to add more. So I’ve just added some new songs from the following groups: more Nomeansno; The Leaving Trains; the Offspring; and the Partridge Family. A winning combination! (plus lots of other lively stuff on the ‘Run’ list.) And I am now looking forward to my next run in a couple of days.

All I need to do now is knit a nice little cosy for my new machine. After I finish the magnificent orange sweater I am making for my delightful 8-year-old niece, to her precise specifications. I’m making it from Cascade 220 Superwash; it’s a knee-length jacket-style cardigan. With custom glass buttons of course, from Vivero Glass!