This is what it looked like here in Halifax on the night before Easter:

And it didn’t stop for several more hours. On Easter we made a snow bunny … Look at me, I’m making rabbit ears. Quick thinking eh! Notice that this rabbit has skis and ski poles, it is a real snow bunny.  

On a random note, I found this treasure today at one of my favourite antique stores. I love percolated coffee. I also happen to find this coffee pot pleasing to look at. It’s almost entirely made from glass. The bowl for putting coffee grounds in it glass, with an aluminum lid and aluminum bottom. There is a glass tube in the middle that supports the bowl for the grounds. Can’t wait to perk some coffee in it … I’ve been over the Bodum phenomenon for some time now. This will also be useful if I want to make Newfoundland /Nova Scotia style tea, which is boiled, bags in, on the stove.