June 2007

Okay not me, but my ‘stuff’. Late last night I made my first listings on Etsy. It’s pretty easy to do, though you have to be organized with photos and descriptions of each item ready before you post them. But now I’m ready to sit back and watch the orders pour in from around the globe. Maybe!

Here is the link if you would like to have a look and maybe even send it to everyone you know:


So far I’ve listed a dozen items, but I have more to come.

I especially love the snowglobes, and I intend to keep making more of those. I’ve had a thing for snowglobes (snowshakers) since about the time I was in university. The first one I ever bought was during a trip to Paris. I’ve bought many more in all sorts of places, and the best thing is that friends brought them back for me too. Sometimes people I didn’t even know that well would bring them for me, because they seemed to enjoy the idea of adding something unique and exotic to my collection. Many of them had great stories attached, like the one from Egypt … My Egyptologist friend sought out a tacky souvenir for me, despite the horrified protestations of her esteemed Egyptian colleagues who thought she should be looking for fine antiquities. That’s what friends are for!

At one point I had about a hundred snow shakers. I’ve had to cull some as I moved into a smaller space, but I still keep and treasure many of them. And now I’ve found a new way to explore my fascination with those watery idyllic little worlds.


I already posted about the lovely parcel I received from Emily in England, a perfect stranger who was assigned to me through the Knitters Treat Exchange. The first parcel had been thoughtfully wedged into my mailbox by the letter carrier, saving me a trip to the post office. A few days later, I received an unexpected notice of a parcel. Off I went to the post office and to my delight, there was another box from England. Inside were several little packages carefully wrapped, with little notes on them. (In the parcel I sent my treatee, it never occurred to me to do something that nice.)

Inside was a cornucopia of goodies. Chocolate from the U.K., shortbread cookies made in Newcastle which is where Emily lives, and a package of espresso from her own stash, brought back from travels in Italy.

The shortbread was the first casualty, and I did share with Bill. We’ve worked our way through most of the rest. The coffee is so good, very rich and almost … chocolatey?

I feel very spoiled by all the treats. Thanks Emily! It’s a funny concept, getting gifts from a total stranger who is far away. It’s one of the wonderful things the internet can facilitate. The great thing is, this swap involved dozens of people from all over the world, so you can imagine these parcels full of goodies flying all around the globe. It allows people to experience exotic treats – of the sweet or the yarn variety – that they might not otherwise know about. My treatee is still waiting to receive her parcel… I hope she gets it soon!